Monday, August 30, 2010

Safranbolu and Amasra

Sorry it's been a week since my last post, but I've been really busy at work.  On Friday afternoon we all left for a weekend away in the town of Safranbolu.  It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it's 17th century architecture and unchanged feel.  The town is beautiful, with winding cobble stone street and lots of open air stalls selling everything from cheap tacky tourist crap to beautiful antique clothing (I almost bought an antique coat....but alas, I couldn't justify spending the money). 

On Saturday morning I had my first adventure to a hamam (aka, Turkish bath, basically sit in a hot marble room for a while, then get scrubbed down and washed by an old Turkish woman).  IT WAS AMAZING!  I spent the rest of the day walking around town and shopping.  In the afternoon, we drove to Amasra, a small city on the Black Sea, and went to the beach.  Imagine any European beach, and that describes it!  It was nice to have a swim, though.  Later that evening, we had dinner at a fabulous fish restaurant, where I had mackerel....
Sunday we had a few more hours to walk around, and I tried mantı for the first time.  And before you ask, yes, the letter "I" isn't supposed to be dotted there.  It's noodles filled with minced meat, with yogurt and some sort of sauce poured over the top....absolutely delicious!  Sunday afternoon we drove back here to Ankara, and it's been hotter than all get out ever since.  It was 42 degrees in Safranbolu Sunday, and about 39 today.  Anyways, I'll keep you all posted!

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