Thursday, August 19, 2010

My last day.......

Well, I have managed to solve yesterday's packing problem:  unpack some stuff and leave a box for Muti to ship later!!  Yay, postal service!  This way, I'll get all excited when I get a package, like a little kid on Christmas!  The only thing that doesn't seem to be able to fit (and hopefully it will, cause I'm not sure I can live without it) is Proxy, my stuffed dog.  She looks just like my family's dog, Ginger, and when I miss the real thing, I just hug Proxy.  Anyways, now I just have to wait for the laundry to finish drying, put the last of the clothes in a Space Bag, and seal everything up.  Then, I wait.....and wait, and wait, and finish reading my book, and watch Rome (BTW, epic amazing show!), have dinner, go to bed, and wake up wicked early.  Oh, and then sit in O'Hare all day....hence me being online right now, I'm putting reading material on the Kindle (thanks, ME, it's coming in really handy!)  So far, tomorrow looks like a Jane Austen marathon, followed by a 10.5 hour slog through Homer.  At least tomorrow will be punctuated with visits by people, ME for lunch, and Aunts M and A around dinner time, and then I'm meeting up with some people from my program at the gate, which will be nice, having a group to mad scramble to the flight from Istanbul to Ankara with ;)

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  1. Hi Emilie.. Glad to see that you have solved your packing problem.. I am sure it will all work out.. Looking forward to reading this blog and keeping up with this adventure you are on.. Good thing the layover isn't in some little hicktown airport.. that would have been so much worse.. books, friends and excitement for what lies ahead.. i am sure tomorrow will be an awesome day.. Love you lots..
    Ginny and Dad