Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 days to go!

OMG, shoes!!  Only 15 days until I leave for Turkey and I haven't started packing!!!!  I'm still trying (slowly) to acquire all the supplies I need and figure out if I own enough shoes for this adventure.....I'm thinking no.  Anyways, I got back from my post-thesis camping vacation up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula/Mackinaw rained, kind of a lot.  However, the trip was still amazing, mostly because my BFF Jamie and I laughed for four days straight (we decided the funniest part of the trip was the South Park/Randy March "Oh My God".....I apologize for the offensive blaspheming, it was just a funny quote.)  Anyways, I also got a CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN, which is now quite possibly my favourite thing ever!  I made a garlic and herb beef roast with potatoes and carrots, and egg and cheese English muffins on the reversible griddle lid!  YUMMY!  Oh, and I also finished my thesis a week and a half ago and mailed it in.....IT'S FINISHED!!!  w00t.  Well, when I have more to report, I'll post some more......I'm thinking an extensive post on the actual travel experience (since I've never flown internationally before, and never alone.......scary....whooooo~~~~~~~~).  Later!

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